The crowdfunding video is regarded as the most important marketing asset in a crowdfunding campaign. Your campaign will struggle to promote your offer and convince backers to support you if you get your video wrong. In this blog, we explain 10 simple tips that we use to create our client’s videos and you can use to create a better video and improve your campaign success.

Why are Crowdfunding Videos so effective?

A well made Crowdfunding video pitches your idea clearly and concisely, showcasing your offer in an appealing way. Turning viewers into backers.

Crowdfunding videos are:

  1. Short: They pack a powerful message in a short time. (We recommend no longer than 4minutes in length). Their format keeps you engaged and informed.
  2. Compelling: They are visually striking and appeal to your target audience. Videos work better than text because some audiences struggle to absorb information when delivered in long blocks of texts. A collection of stand out visuals and audio composed in an entertaining way is far more enjoyable to review and take in.
  3. Emotive: An effective video will engage the audience through their emotions. Seeing a person or product in action (rather than a still image) provides more context to a situation and allows you to pitch your story in a way people can emotionally connect with.

And now the real question…

How do you make your crowdfunding video a crowd-pleaser?

Ten simple steps to make a great video.

1. Writing a compelling script

The script is the main ingredient in the video. This is where you tell your brand’s story and make your sales pitch. For this, you need concise dialogue, clear plots, and engaging characters. With a good script, you can move people and push your message forward.

2. Getting Equipment

To get a professional video made you need to have the right equipment. You can either rent equipment to make videos yourself or hire a professional videographer to do the job for you.

In any case, you will need cameras, lights, sound equipment and more for a video that looks professional and delivers appealing visuals with great audio.

3. Hiring Actors

A crowdfunding video should appeal to your target audience so you are going to need people (and locations) in the video that look appealing. If you have a tight budget, your team can become the on-camera talent. But if you can stretch the purse strings, hire an actor. An actor will be eloquent, persuasive, and believable—getting you the views you need.

4. Lighting and Blocking

A professionally made video is well-lit. Without lighting, you can lose the on-screen talent to the shadows, and with it, your message. Lighting sets the tone of the video and provides clear images.

Blocking is a technique used to get accurate and consistent placements in the video. In a scene, an object or person needs to have a fixed, consistent position for continuity and to look good

5. Shooting the video

Before shooting, you will need to storyboard the entire script. The director and camera crew will then shoot all the scenes seamlessly according to a production schedule and plan. You can use many takes and multiple camera positions to shoot the video. This way you can make sure that you get the best looking take.

6. Adding a Voice-over

Voice-overs are effective tools for persuasion in crowdfunding video production. You can either hire a professional for the recording or do the voice-over yourself with rented sound equipment. In any case, the voice-over should be clear, engaging, and relay your message effectively.

7. Adding and picking Music

There’s no successful video without music. From a few simple trills to an upbeat song, music can uplift and engross the viewer immediately. Bubbly music can excite the audience while sad notes can spark pity and sympathy. Your music should add character to your narrative and make it better.

8. Smoothing over the Sound

Shooting a video can mean a lot of background noise gets in the way. A video shot outdoors can especially have a lot of unwanted sounds like the rustling of leaves, chirping of birds, and the noisy sounds of traffic.

How do you handle this? It’s simple: ideally, choose a location where you can control the noise. Alternatively, you can edit out the sounds with professional sound editing software. If you can afford it, get a high-quality microphone for video shoots to prevent unwanted sounds in the first place.

9. Editing the Video

Raw footage can’t be used as the video campaign. To create and tell an effective visual story, you need to craft and edit it. Choose between fast and slow cuts dependent on the style you want your story to deliver. Add graphics and animation to bring elements of your video alive. Colour grade and use sfx and audio design to add character to your story.

10. Delivery & Marketing the Video

The final step in video production is delivery. In this case its marketing your video to your audience across social media and on your landing/campaign page. When delivering your video for social media you’ll need to make sure you export a version of the video, which meets the correct format for the platform. For example, the dimensions, tone, and messaging of the video will need to adhere to the standards of the marketing platforms. An extremely long video, for example, can’t be shared on Instagram.

If you need help with your crowdfunding video, or would like to discuss your campaign idea then schedule a free crowdfunding strategy call with us here at Wow Your Crowd. We are crowdfunding video specialists and will love to help you make a stand out the video for your campaign and help you reach your funding goal. Speak soon.