Our Mission

Our passion is helping entrepreneurs and brands with big ideas stand out and scale to the next level. We believe there are many amazing products & innovations in the world, which will benefit the lives of many people. These ideas just need a little help getting off the ground. It’s our mission to make sure these innovations have the best chance of succeeding.

Our Approach



We create awesome looking video content and develop marketing campaigns that engage, gain pledges and raise investment.



We create unique, memorable campaigns that pitch your story and emotionally hook your audience, capturing their imagination.



We use the best industry talent and professional equipment to produce outstanding creative content.



We build long lasting relationships with all our clients. We really get to understand your big idea so we can pitch it in the most effective way.



We provide our clients with a personal trustworthy service. Where our experienced team are passionate about making your vision a reality.



We take your goals and adjectives and combine them with our developed processes. This allows us to deliver measurable results, on time and on budget.

Why Choose Us

  • We produce crowdfunding pitch videos to lead your campaign and pitch your big idea clearly and effectively
  • We produce marketing campaigns that attract backers to your campaign
  • We design campaign pages and Investors decks  that showcase the features and benefits of your product or business offer
  • We are your crowdfunding partner, and we'll support you throughout your crowdfunding journey
  • With our expertise, you can reach larger audiences and build your crowd
  • You are collaborating with an experienced, professional, and friendly creative team with a collective passion for crowdfunding, pitch video production and marketing.

Our Founder

Adam Laurie heads up Wow Your Crowd’s talented team.

Adam is an experienced filmmaker known for creating stand out sales pitch videos that communicate a brand’s value effectively. With 10 years + advertising Industry experience Adam has combined his marketing and filmmaking expertise to help start-ups launch and bring their products to market via crowdfunding.

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