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We help innovator entrepreneurs, established businesses and VC funded start-ups to achieve their funding goals with irresistible video campaigns that convert viewers into backers. Whether you are launching on Kickstarter, Crowdcube, or Indiegogo, the key to a successful crowdfunding campaign is an exceptional pitch video. Our expereinced team will help you create that kickass video.

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Wow Your Crowd videos are handcrafted to help businesses & brands communicate effectively with video, accelerating their success. We specialise in making videos that attract and engage dream clients. Sell more products and services and build brand awareness. Lets tell your story and create an engaging promotional video for your business.

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Most crowdfunding experts agree that the pitch video is the most important part of your crowdfunding campaign. Get the video right and you are on the road to crowdfunding success. Get it wrong and your campaign could be over before it’s even started.

Creating a video that is going to hook investors and deliver your message in a clear and concise way should be your number 1 priority.

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