Did you know that it’s best practice to build a landing page to collect leads before you launch your crowdfunding campaign?

Many people believe they can create a project page on a crowdfunding platform and then launch. Well, you can, but we wouldn’t advise it. You need to build your crowd before your campaign goes live and a landing page plays a leading part in building your crowd.

Landing pages have an important role to play, and that is to give interested supporters a glimpse of your project and capture their email address so that you can continue to communicate with them and keep them up to date about your campaign.

So how do you build a landing page that generates better crowdfunding results?

The answer is fairly simple: design and messaging.

If you want to build more leads then create a professional-looking landing page with strong relevant imagery and enticing messaging. A poor-looking or badly made landing page will have a negative impact on your brand image and reflect in fewer leads signing up to be included on your email list.

If you are running a paid advertising campaign to send traffic to your landing page then a poor looking lading page will cost you money as potential leads will bounce off your page and go away forever.

Therefore, if you want a good launch for your crowdfunding campaign, a high-quality landing page should be created.

Essential tips for your landing page

Tip 1. Searchable with Appealing Design

People will find your landing page through various ways, such as an internet search, social media search, and advertisement campaign. It’s not vital how they arrive at your landing page. What is essential is the first impression project has on them. Make sure the site looks great and draws the viewer in to find out more. Use relevant keywords within the page copy so the website is easily found by search engines.

Some of the important elements of the landing page are:

Tip 2. ”NO” scrolling

If a person on your site has to search for a signup form, they usually won’t take the time to do this. When you design the landing page, make it easy to find the signup form. One tip is to keep the form above the “fold” so that the consumer doesn’t need to scroll to find it. Place the most important information about your project in the first half of the home page. This is the most viewed part and captures the most significant interest.

Tip 3. A picture says a thousand words

Choose relevant images that showcase your product or niche. Professional looking lifestyle imagery that can involve actors or models is a great way to communicate how people will feel when they interact with your offer. Less is more. 1 great picture will work better than a few mediocre pictures.

Look at the imagery well-known brands use to promote their products and services and try to do something similar. Hire a professional photographer if you have the budget for it. It’s well worth it.

Tip 4. Clear concise messaging with a call to action

Your ‘offer’ is the most important message to show on your landing page. Spend the time to create a headline and sub-headline that encapsulates what your project is about and why people should be interested. The most enticing headlines and copy focus on the benefits your offer provides and how the user will feel.

Add short paragraphs of body copy that highlight the main features and any other additional benefits the user may receive. Keep the messaging short and concise. Once again less is more.

General practice is not to mention any specific pricing at this point. Although we would recommend mentioning that there is some kind of discount e.g. “get 50% off when you sign up”

View the messaging on the landing page as an ‘overview’ to gain interest and create intrigues so viewers are eager to find out more.

Include a call to action, make it clear that the audience understands they should enter their details into the signup form to join the email list.

Tip 5. Mobile-friendly landing page

Ideally, make sure your landing page is optimized so it loads quickly on a mobile easily. Today. most people will access your site from their mobile, so make it a pleasant experience. If there is any delay in the website loading the user will not stick around.

Tip 6. Split-test and measure

A successfully designed landing page will capture leads easily and quickly. If your page isn’t converting as well as you like then try changing the imagery and messaging or layout to see if signs up improve. When testing only make 1 change at a time.

You can also try A/B split testing – create two sites with different messaging and send traffic to both – see what converts the best.

Ideally, you want your page to convert at least 25% of the people who view the page.

Here are some landing page platforms that make building landing pages easy:


How can a video help you?

Adding a cut-down version of your crowdfunding video can be a great way to build trust and encourage more people to sign up on your landing page. You can boost conversions by 80%! This is a huge number!

At Wow Your Crowd we provide crowdfunding video production and can help you with your video requirements. To find out more simply arrange a free ‘crowdfunding success strategy call’ and we can help get your campaign ready for launch.