If you want people to spread the word about your project and truly buy into your dream, you need to ensure your Kickstarter video and brand pitch are both simple and memorable.

We don’t mean you need to dumb things down so that you’re not conveying the nuance or unique nature of your project, but rather that you must do your best to condense all your key information and messages into something relatively short and sweet.

Most videos and Kickstarter pitches fall flat because they haven’t been thoughtfully distilled into something that is easily digestible. And this is a tragedy when you’ve actually got a great idea that people will love, underneath it all.

We’ve created a simple guide to help you make sure your crowdfunding video is short and memorable.

Why Does Simple Matter?

  • You’ll make more money – simple means more memorable and easier to process, which translates to a wider dispersal of your messages to a greater number of potential investors and future customers.
  • You’ll look better – videos that are too long and complicated make projects and founders look bad, even if their ideas are innovative and simple. If your first impression is “clunky” what kind of impression are strangers going to have of you?
  • You’ll generate more loyalty – simplicity is a core component of all brand experiences, that extends far beyond the crowdfunding video you’re making. If you start off well here, people will be more likely to respond well to your brand experiences and products across multiple touchpoints, including your promotional social media output.

Focus on the First 10-Seconds

Most people have short attention spans these days, especially when it comes to digital content like videos. Most viewers aren’t going to sit through a 5 minute Kickstarter video to figure out if they want to back you or not. You’ll be lucky if they last 15 seconds so making the most of the start of your video is crucial.

Just try browsing several crowdfunding videos yourself from other brands and see how long it takes for you to feel that all too familiar content fatigue. Your first 10 seconds should be a concise introduction of who you are and why people should keep watching. Going straight into complex data or explanations will deter new users from staying tuned.

Establish Your “Face”

To be memorable, you must have a kind of brand “face” that makes it simple for people to establish a connection with you. This includes things like your company name, logo, colours and possibly a jingle or slogan. It can also include the actual faces of your founders, which will help people to develop a more personal connection with your project.

All of this will develop visual associations that will help users to recognise you in the future, and simplify their interactions with you. If you have a vague or confusing “face”, perhaps with inconsistent colour choices, shapes, icons, or other motifs, people will find it harder to remember you and your project.

Speak Directly to Your Audience

One effective tip is to avoid language that doesn’t speak directly to your audience. People will always respond better to messages that are addressed to them rather than statements or questions that are targeted at an abstract audience.

Assuming you already know who your core audience is, make sure you tap into their core motivations and shared context to speak directly to them. This will help you to simplify your crowdfunding video and increase overall engagement.

Make Your CTAs Clear and Obvious

What happens when your audience is completely on board after making their way through 50% of your video? To ensure that you don’t lose followers and investors during the second half, make sure you tell them clearly what you want them to do.

For example, are you looking for immediate contributions or to direct interested parties to more information about your brand. You’ll be surprised how many brands don’t do this and lose out because they didn’t create simple and effective CTAs.

Keep It Grounded

While long-term visions of how you are going to change the world are great, you must always ground your Kickstarter in the real world. This includes explaining how you are tangibly going to achieve your goals and the practical steps you have already taken to launching your brand.

If you want more tips on making your Kickstarter video simple and memorable, or want help with producing one of the most crucial assets of your entire crowdfunding campaign, get in touch with us at Wow Your Crowd.