One of the biggest questions when you launching your campaign, is “how should I design my campaign page and what should I include? Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you will be better positioned to answer this question.

When creating a project campaign page, its best to think from your customer/backers perspective. What do they need to know, like and understand in order to support your project?

Imagine having a conversation with a person about your project:

  • What would you say to them?
  • What could they ask you?
  • Most importantly, what would you say and show in order to convince them that backing your project is the right thing to do?

What is your Project’s campaign page?

Your project/campaign page is located on the crowdfunding platform of choice e.g. Kickstarter. Your page gives you the opportunity to tell people your story, idea, and plan. It covers the aspect of who you are, what you plan to do, and why you are doing it. Even if your project is simple and straightforward, you still need a campaign page that shares the right information with your audience and compels them to support you.

Some basic questions to answer and include on your page are:

Who are you?

In this part, you can present yourself, your team, and the overall big idea / aim for your project.

What are you doing – Explain your offer, idea or cause?

The greater the details, the better. Photos, sketches, demos, prototypes, and videos will bring your project to life, and help your audience understand your idea of what you want to achieve.

From where did this project come and Why?

Explain to people why you are doing what you are doing, why you care and show what you have achieved so far. Sharing the history of the project allows people to appreciate the work you have done and will help to build trust with you.

What is your plan?

In this section, you can layout a simple plan or video of what an audience should expect from you.

List Rewards and your funding target

Develop some great rewards which people will love to receive in return for supporting your campaign. Show a breakdown of what is included. In a donation or equity campaign, you may want to show how the funds raised will be used.

What do You need To make an Excellent Project Page?

You can express many of your ideas on the project page with words, but there is more to a successful project campaign page than text. The best campaigns keep text to a minimum and use Images and videos to engage viewers into your story. Here are a few elements which can make your project page a success.

Choose a perfect picture for your project page.

Remember, the thumbnail image that represents your campaign is the first aspect of your project people will see. In order to make an excellent first impression select an image that tells the story of your project. If you are launching a product – show your product in action, if you are raising funding for a cause or equity raise you may want to show lifestyle images of your those who will benefit or your business.

Create a fascinating video

This is the perfect way to present yourself and showcase to people what you are working on. Your video should be professional looking and right on point. A poorly made video can really effect the way people perceive your offer, business or cause. You don’t have to be a crowdfunding expert to know that a convincing video is a key to your campaign’s success.

Use headings and subtitles

Most people don’t want to read long sections of text, thats why using headings and subtitles instead can work better as they allow people to scan a page and help them to understand quickly and clearly what the key message points are (regardless of their language and level of listening).

Get innovative

Other ways to bring your project page to life is to Include gifs, graphics, and photos. Try to keep those media items below 5 MB. So they can be conveniently shared online and don’t slow down the project page’s loading speed.


To add all the above elements to your project page, you can also get the help of Wow Your Crowd. Our crowdfunding marketing services are here to help you launch a successful campaign and generate awareness and traffic you need to build your crowd.

We will help develop your crowdfunding campaign, from developing your story to visualising it, with project page design, and provide Kickstarter Video Production. If you want your campaign page to be successful, you need to invoke emotions within your target audience and impress them with excellent visuals and clever copywriting.

Pro Tip: Make sure that your product page clearly illustrates the dilemma and casts your product as the best solution.