Facebook Advertising has changed the way businesses advertise their products and services for good. No longer do companies have to rely on expensive Google ads or offline strategies like mailshots, leaflets or expensive advertisements in publications. In this blog wowyourcrowd will help you to learn how to master Facebook advertising and set up your first campaign.

Facebook advertising has changed the way business can target their target market and attract interest in their products and services. Prior to Facebook advertising if you wanted to attract interest in your marketing campaign you would have to implement various traffic strategies – online and offline. Google Ad Words (PPC) was the main online way to attract customers, but with Adwords most people are looking to buy straight away. When running a crowdfunding campaign particularly in the prelaunch phase you are looking for ‘audience interest’ with a view for the audience to buy when you launch. It turns out Facebook traffic is perfect for this.

If you haven’t already, your first step is to set up a Facebook business page. Once set up you can start to create your Facebook advertising campaign.

Step 1. To start go to Facebook business manager
https:// business.facebook.com/ads manager . Click on ‘create ad’.

Step 2 – Choose a Goal.
This is where deciding on a clear objective is very important. Choose the objective for creating the ad. For example, if you are seeking to build leads or sales the objective to choose would be ‘Conversions’.

Step 3 – Choose Your Objective and Target Audience.

We at wowourcrowd believe that it’s important to be specific about your target audience and their demographics when planning your campaign. Facebook will only display ads to the audience demographics you choose. For example, your campaign objective might be to collect emails via a landing page, this is what most people do when crowdfunding. In this case you will choose ‘Conversions’ as the main objective.

Then you want to confirm who your audience are. For example, our audience is male 26 – 46, who like dogs and are living in New York, and speak English.
Your ads will now be displayed to this specific audience. You can narrow the search by selecting the specific location, e.g. Washington DC, which can help better your results.

When starting your ads and carrying out an initial test you can set your ad budget low as $1 to $2 a day. You can also place limits on your ad spending if you are worried you may forget to turn off your ads, although this is unlikely to happen. For example, you can start your ads from as low as $1 a day if you choose to run ads without a set time frame. You can also set a start date/time and end date/ time if you want more control over your campaign. Its best practice to start your ad budgets low when starting out. The Facebook algorithm needs to learn about your needs and target audience, so it will be important to run campaigns for a number of weeks and months. You don’t want to blow all of your ad budget in the first few days. Typically the Facebook algorithm needs around 4 weeks to really understand your best target audience.

With thousands of businesses competing on Facebook for user attention , it’s almost impossible for Facebook to place every ad out on the platform. So, instead what they do is put your ad into an ad auction, where those campaigns with the highest bids get their ads displayed across the network. The bid is the amount you’re willing to pay to get your ads in front of your audience.

We at Wowyourcrowd feel that the other important areas of setting up an advert are the ‘Ad Spend Limits’ and the ‘Schedule’ option. When you are prompted to fill in the Ad Spend Limit, be sure to fill in the minimum and maximum amount you want FaceBook to use on a daily or monthly basis. This is part of what is called a budget optimization and helps you remain in control of your spending. If you don’t put in a fixed budget you could log in 1 day and find out Facebook has spent more than you wished, which is good for the bank balance.

In the Schedule option you can choose a time of day when you want to display your ads to the audience. Facebook will show you the time when your audience is the most active, so all you have to do is select a specific time and Facebook will take care of the rest.

Running a Facebook campaign to attract interest to your crowdfunding campaign is a really good idea. To find help to set up your Facebook campaign simply search Goggle using a keyword term like Crowdfunding Agency UK. Then select an agency like us that are experienced in using Facebook and have the credentials to prove it. To your success!