All good causes need money and crowdfunding has been exceptionally useful to many social causes throughout recent years. The rise of social media has made it easier than ever to share your message and reach a large number of people. The problem? You only have one chance to hook your audience. That’s why you need to develop the best sales pitch possible. Here’s 5 steps on how to create an incredible sales pitch for your charity or social cause crowdfunding campaign.

Know your hook

People need to feel emotionally invested in your campaign in order to dig into their pockets so important to know and understand your message and how to use it.
The most successful crowdfunding campaigns have an emotional, ethical or political undertone, so work out what your best angle is and put your message out there. It’s important not to sound too perfect otherwise your audience will wonder why you need investment. Also be careful about humour – people need to take the cause seriously enough to donate.

Write a good narrative

Remember that your sales pitch has to get people invested enough in your cause in order to donate – write clear but persuasive copy in your sales pitch, which will help your campaign to spread. Throughout your sales pitch, explain the problem and solution, include quotable narrative, from facts and statistics to the campaigns purpose and how you’re going to make a difference. Write copy that is inclusive – make readers feel a part of it and readers will become donors to fight the cause with you!

Create an engaging video

As you are ‘crowdfunding’ online, it’s good to understand people’s social media habits. The best crowdfunding campaigns know that people have short attention spans. Create a short but engaging video that quickly and easily explains what your campaign is about, why you are doing it, what it is that you need and when and where the results will take place. People will be more inclined watch a quick video rather than read a long essay.

Translate to multiple languages

A lot of crowdfunding campaigns will affect and appeal to a large group of people from different cultures and countries. If that sounds like your campaign, it’s important to be able to communicate with everybody so be sure to get your sales pitch translated into as many languages as is necessary. This shows thought and intent. It says ‘this applies to you too!’

Reward your crowdfunders donations

Some people like to receive a little something for their donation. Whether this is something small like a mention of their name or something bigger like a tangible item. Rewards are a great way for you to repay donors for their donation. Popular rewards for charity campaigns include token offering such as key-rings, tee shirts and mugs to bigger items such as sponsored gifts, event tickets, vouchers and first reveals.

Raising money for your charity of choice or social cause is a brilliant thing to do and will provide much help for those in need. By taking action and implementing the steps listed above you will be in the right place to create a clear and persuasive pitch, which will help you to run a successful crowdfunding campaign for your charity or social cause.

For all your crowdfunding needs get in touch here and good luck!