The crowdfunding video is your campaign’s most important marketing asset. Get it right and a successful campaign beckons, get it wrong and months of hard work could be ruined. Here at Wow Your Crowd, we are pitch video specialists and in this blog will explain the 3 different types of video you can make for your campaign.

Running a successful crowdfunding campaign comes down to 1 thing, getting your audience to buy your product. If you can’t convince your audience to support your project and buy your product then it’s highly likely your campaign will fail. So everything you do should work towards the end goal of enticing your audience to support you. But how do you do this, how can you engage your audience and take them from one end of the buying spectrum, where they are hearing about you for the first time to the other end of the spectrum where they buy your product?

Well, your crowdfunding campaign should be built around a marketing funnel strategy, which creates multiple touchpoints with the audience, allowing you to pitch your key marketing message points to them. The most important touchpoint in your marketing funnel strategy is your crowdfunding video. Without a doubt, your crowdfunding video is your campaign’s most important asset as it is the key to convincing your audience to buy.

The crowdfunding video is what converts viewers to buyers and so it’s vitally important you develop a standout video, which pitches your story and showcases the value of your product, convincing backers to support you.

Here at Wow Your Crowd we are pitch video specialists and have been solely making pitch videos for many years. We have developed our own unique P5 Pitch Video formula that we use when creating videos for our client’s projects.

We can let you into a little secret – there are three types of crowdfunding video that you can create for your campaign, which type you choose is up to you and your current situation.

One thing I implore you not to do when creating your video is to make a ‘promo video’. Time and time again I see campaigns who have created a ‘promo video’ instead of a ‘pitch video’, Creating a promo video will have a negative effect on the campaign, as it doesn’t provide the viewer with the correct information they need to make a buying decision, which usually results in campaign failure. So when seeking help with creating your campaign’s video be sure to hire an agency like Wow Your Crowd who understand how to create a pitch video and give your campaign the best chance of success.

The 3 Types of Video you can create for your campaign are:

  • The Traditional Pitch Video
  • The Product Demo Video
  • The Promercial Pitch Video

The Traditional Pitch Video – is the classic style of video that features the campaign founder introducing their big idea and the backstory to the campaign. This type of video is great for building a relationship with the audience, as the audience is able to associate a face with the project and build a subconscious relationship with you. You want your audience to trust you, so by showing a face behind the project, you are allowing the viewer to get to know, like and trust you. This has a very positive effect in convincing a backer to support the project.

The problem with featuring in a video is when the person delivering the pitch isn’t very good at speaking on camera. They may be shy and feel awkward in front of the camera, which comes across in the delivery of their pitch. So, when deciding what video to make you need to first ask yourself, do I want to feature in the video and can I deliver a strong performance to the camera? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely make an appearance whether that is through the whole video or in 1 or two bits, as it will help to nurture a personal relationship with your crowd.

The Product Demo Video – does exactly what it says on the tin. It demonstrates your product, explaining the features and benefits to the user. A product demo video is usually narrated by a voice-over or set to a music track with on-screen text explaining the main marketing message points.

Product demo videos are good when you have a limited budget or you don’t want to feature in the video. The video consists of shots of the product in different scenarios/locations. For example on a white background in a studio and then in a lifestyle location like the kitchen or office. The video generally doesn’t feature any people unless you see a hand appear to pick up or activate the device.

If shooting a product demo video it’s better to keep the video short and to the point. This will help to keep the viewer engaged and excited about the product.

The Promercial Pitch Video – is a name we here at Wow Your crowd have created for a specific type of pitch video. The video is a cross between a product demo video and a commercial. The promercial video showcases the product being used by models or actors in lifestyle situations, selling a story of how the product will benefit the user in real life. The promercial can also feature the founder speaking to camera or be presented by an actor or narrated by a voice-over.

In recent years the promerical pitch video has pretty much overtaken the traditional pitch video as the main type of video for promoting Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns. Many of our clients prefer to go for the Promercial video over the traditional video as the footage created can easily be repurposed for future marketing videos.

One thing to bear in mind is that creating a promercial video is usually more expensive than a traditional style video or product demo video. This is because the productions are generally bigger, with more people involved, more time required to develop the creative and the additional cost of actors and locations etc.

Whatever video you chose to make for your crowdfunding campaign the secret is to make the video as engaging and entertaining as possible, hooking the audience quickly, whilst showcasing the value your product provides them.

For help and advice on how to make the best video for your campaign contact us at Wow Your Crowd and find out more about our award-winning crowdfunding video production services.