As you are probably aware. Video is blowing up everywhere! Video is now the No. 1 way to  communicate with your customers online. But what promo video is right for your business? Where should you start? We’ve compiled a list of 11 great promo video ideas your business should create. Add these to your marketing arsenal and you will transform how you promote your business and the relationships you build with leads and customers. (The following are in no particular order of importance).

1) Brand Promo  Introduce your company to the world. Explain who you are, what you do and most of all why you do it.  Showcase your products, introduce your staff and highlight the passion you have for your business and your customers. You can also include the company’s history, future goals and highlight any awards or successes. 

2) Video Testimonial, ‘Trustimonial’Testimonial’s are incredibly powerful and help to build trust with potential clients. Showcase a happy client’s experience with you and let them sell for you by explaining how pleased they are with your service and the results you have helped them achieve.

3) Case StudyShowcase a clients experience with your business.  Case study’s are similar to a client testimonial but more in-depth. Let your client explain the issue they faced, why they chose you and how you helped them achieve their goals.  This type of video gives authenticity and believability to your communication, as the message is coming directly from the customer, rather than from your business.

4) Product Demo Showcase a service or product in operation. HubSpot say that: “After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online”. Meaning that over half of your potential customers, will engage with and trust your product after seeing it in action. Seeing a product’s benefits first hand is incredibly powerful.

5) Animated Explainer An Animation which highlights a problem people face and then introduces the solution to that problem – your company’s product or service. These videos are fun, with clear and concise message points and generally feature animated characters. Creating an animated explainer can be time consuming. As the artwork has to be created and then animated, which can make them expensive to make.

6) Whiteboard Sketch illustration on a whiteboard of a companies product or services. This style of video is very similar to an animated explainer. Although the illustration is less complex. A hand will ‘sketch’ on the artwork as the story is told.

7) CEO Message Talking head interview by a company’s CEO or management delivering important news and messages to clients and staff. Educate and inform employees about a company’s vision and strategic developments.

8) F.A.Q. SeriesYour brand champion (staff member or hired presenter) discussing and answering your company’s most frequently asked questions. Have a simple and concise video to answer those questions which customers frequently need answering. These videos are great for building rapport and moving leads and customers further along the ‘buying cycle’.

9) Achievements & Awards Use either animation or live action video. Feature your company’s achievements and any awards you have won. Your successes will position you as a market leader and can influence your audience into using your product or service. 

10) Social Media Create short pieces of content – to promote your brand, deliver company news and inform and educate. Short videos are more engaging and will entice viewers to watch in full. A video marketing campaign across a variety of social media platforms such as: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn will help promote your brand and build awareness.

11) Sales Video – A sales video structure is very much similar to an animated explainer. Introduce a problem people face, then introduce the solution to the problem and the benefits of the solution. Finish off with a call to action. The main difference is that a Sales video is live action video and you’ll put a ‘face to the brand’ (CEO, staff member or even hired presenters). Adding a face to the brand is highly effective and will help engage viewers. People buy people. Showing a friendly face will help the public to know, like and trust your company and your service offering.

So there you have it. 11 great promo videos to help promote your business. There are many other videos that you can create, but we recommend you start with some of the above. We’d love to hear about your promo video exploits, so please get in touch and let us know how you are progressing.

Before getting your camera kit out and putting on your director’s hat we recommend developing a video strategy first, (be that 1 video or a series). This will help you confirm the result you’d like to achieve and the best video(s) needed to achieve it.

If you would like some help with developing a video strategy or creating a video then take advantage of our free 1-1 video consultation. Contact us and we can book a time to discuss your promo video ideas and create a video plan to accelerate your business success.