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Concept & Strategy

The first stage in the production process is to discuss with you what you’d like to achieve with your video? What does ‘success’ look like?

For example, are you looking to build brand awareness, improve customer engagement, attract leads, drive traffic?

From our discussion we’ll work out how we can build upon your initial thinking.

We’ll create a development package that includes a concept for your video, a plan, timeline and budget.

Once this is in place, you can move forward, approving the project and we can transition to stage 2 – Pre-production.


Pre-production is very critical to the production process. It’s during this time that we prepare everything needed for a successful video shoot.

The time is spent writing scripts, creating storyboards, developing content, handling logistics, auditioning cast and preparing crew, securing equipment, arranging locations and props, preparing and signing contracts and finalising the client’s proposal.



This is when the magic starts. Production is the moment where all of the time and energy spent preparing culminates into something special.

We will produce your video’s assets – whether that involves filming, graphics, animation, voice overs and audio or a combination of them all.

Post Production

The magic continues! Post-production is when we start to bring everything together. This usually involves video editing, colour grading and sound design.

The client will review the edits and any amendments will be made ready for client sign off.

The final film is then exported and converted to the clients preferred format, ready for delivery.


Distibution & Analytics

A finished video is only half the battle. Once the video has been delivered and signed off, we can shift our energy to implementing any pre-approved marketing and distribution plan to drive viewers to your video.

We’ll make sure that your video content gets shared on the right platforms for maximum reach.

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